It has been our honor to work with over 40 dioceses (and counting!) in the United States, as well as personally working with cardinals, archbishops, and bishops. We focus on quality and authenticity in our work, and we strive to exceed the expectations of our pilgrims, but don’t just take our word for it, see what our past travelers have had to say.

EWTN TV Host Father Pedro Nunez Portfolio.

Father Pedro Nunez


First of all, I want to thank God because, without a doubt, it was Him who put us in touch with  you and, through you, with Canterbury Pilgrimages.

Our pilgrimage to Greece, Turkey and the Holy Land was a genuine blessing for each of the 100 participants, as well as for me and for my fabulous travel assistants.

This is the first time I can completely trust a company that is responsible, from beginning to end of the pilgrimage, for every detail, making sure that the client is more than satisfied.

With that said, I wish to continue making pilgrimages with Canterbury Pilgrimages. We’ll be in touch soon. God allows this letter to be shown to your supervisors, since in front of them I wish to congratulate you with all my heart for a very well done work. May God, our Lord, continue to bless you in abundance.

Padre Benito Hernandez

Pastor of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe Denver, CO

A nombre del P. Benito, los parroquianos que han ido al peregrinaje y un servidor,

Nos gustaria agradecerles infinitamente todo lo que han hecho por nosotros durante la peregrinacion del 22 de abril al 7 de mayo, siempre es bonito poder trabajar con quien uno conoce y tener la confianza de poder saber que estamos en buenas manos.

Celeste, gracias por su tiempo y su buen gusto para la eleccion de los hoteles, restaurantes y sobre todo gracias por la hermosa expereriencia en Portugal (su tierra) la comida y la musica en la finca fue sensacional. La gente agradecio mucho su gesto de invitarnos a su casa y compartir con nosotros su casa, su familia y esa tarde inolvidable.

Rita, la gente expreso mucho su agradecimiento por toda tu ayuda y cuidados durante la peregrinacion, gracias por todo tu trabajo y cuidado para las personas que se enfermaron. Como siempre tu trabajo fue excelente!

Massiel, muchas gracias por estar siempre atenta a nuestras necesidades y por ayudarnos en cada peregrinaje, gracias por la paciencia con cada uno de nosotros y por tu ayuda en la oficina de operaciones, tenemos en ti un gran apoyo y una gran ayuda (una intercesora y siempre vigilante).

A todo el equipo de Caterbury, un agradecimiento muy grande, como siempre la gente se ha ido con una muy grande experiencia y muchos han dicho que han recibido mas de lo que esperaban. Gracias por todo su esmero y por realmente cuidar que nuestra experiencia de peregrinaje sea espiritual, armoniosa y divertida!

Estamos muy agradecidos por todo y esperamos seguir contando con ustedes para proximas experiencias de peregriancion.

Dios los bendiga y les pague el ciento por uno de todo el trabajo que hacen cada uno de ustedes!



P. Benito Hernandez, C.R. 


Cardinal Justin Rigali Portrait.

Cardinal Justin Rigali

Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia

I wish to extend my thanks to Canterbury Pilgrimages for organizing the pilgrimage from the Diocese of Knoxville to Fatima and Lourdes. Your company’s professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to the many details was most appreciated.

I also wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Ms. Sandra Lains, who was knowledgeable, personable and excellent as our pilgrimage guide, to our driver Mr. Paulo Ribeiro whose attention to passenger comfort is commended, and to Ms. Rita Oliveira, the Canterbury representative who accompanied us on this pilgrimage.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to share our Catholic faith with the pilgrims from the Diocese of Knoxville and with the others who joined us. The pilgrimage was truly a special encounter with Jesus through his Holy Mother Mary.

Bishop Peter A. Libasci

Bishop of the Diocese of Manchester, NH

I want to take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks, as well as the collective thanks of the Diocese of Manchester, to you and the rest of the Canterbury staff. The cards and letters and the enthusiastic thanks we received (for weeks following) are sure testimony that our recent diocesan pilgrimage to celebrate the 350th Jubilee of Notre Dame Cathedral in Quebec City was a huge success! Thanks to the recommendation of my priest-secretary Father Jason Jalbert who worked with your team previously, and my recollection of the splendid pilgrimage to the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. which you provided for us, we knew you could do this for us! Right from the start you and your staff were available for meetings, responded to telephone calls without delay, worked closely with Father Jalbert and Father Richard Dion, and our diocesan support staff. The flyer your office developed was done very tastefully and the efficiency of the follow-up with each and every Pastor in our Diocese was incredible. As promotion of the Pilgrimage to Quebec continued and I saw how many Pastors were getting on board with this worthwhile event, I knew it would be a success.

Bishop Peter A. Libasci Portrait.
Bishop James S. Wall Portrait.

Bishop James S. Wall

Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup, NM

I had the privilege to serve as chaplain on a pilgrimage along the California Mission Trail with Patrick Madrid and Immaculate Heart Radio, which was hosted by Canterbury Pilgrimages. It was a wonderful pilgrimage, and thoroughly Catholic. Canterbury Pilgrimages’ staff were extremely helpful both prior to the pilgrimage and during, and seamlessly led our group of 150 people from San Diego to San Francisco, stopping at each mission on the way. Our hotels were superb, and we enjoyed hearty meals at high quality restaurants each evening. Most importantly, Canterbury Pilgrimages provided the best environment for my fellow pilgrims and me to encounter the Living Christ along our journey. We were able to celebrate daily Mass at the missions, and each pilgrim left the pilgrimage spiritually refreshed and inspired. Our pilgrimage was truly the adventure of a lifetime. If one wants to make a pilgrimage in order to grow in his or her Catholic faith, then I highly recommend Canterbury Pilgrimages.

Bishop Samuel J. Aquila

Bishop of the Archdiocese of Denver, Co

Thank you very much for all that you did to organize and assist with the Archdiocese of Denver Year of Faith pilgrimage to Mexico City. I am personally grateful for your considerable time and effort in making the trip a successful and prayerful experience.

It was a joy for me to lead the pilgrimage and it was truly a blessing for all those who participated.

Bishop Samuel J. Aquila Portrait.
Father Jeremy Paulin, O.M.V. Portrait.

Father Jeremy Paulin, O.M.V.

Pastor of St. Mary's Parish in Alton, IL

It’s with joy, confidence and gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation for you and Canterbury Pilgrimages & Tours Inc. As a vocations director I’m often reminded how powerful pilgrimages can be in inspiring people to greater holiness and particularly young men and women to religious life and young men to the priesthood.
A very major part of my own call came to me while on a pilgrimage with Canterbury Pilgrimages &Tours back in 1997. Each pilgrimage I have made, led and shared with others, has increased my faith and deepened my personal relationship with God. It’s amazing how blessed we all feel, both during and after the pilgrimages. What a great gift it has been to walk where Jesus and Mary walked, to pray at her various Shrines where she brings us closer to Him, and to visit places made holy by the martyrs and saints.
I look forward to our next pilgrimage together!

Father Jonathon Gaspar

Priest Secretary to Cardinal Sean O'Malley

Canterbury tours is a very good travel and tour agency and I would highly recommend them. I was with them in Quebec, where they organized a pilgrimage for nearly 500 people. They are a great Catholic family so they understand the meaning of a pilgrimage.
I thought their coordination of large groups was excellent. The work they did to coordinate multiple bus pick ups and drop offs throughout the state of New Hampshire was a huge project and it went off without a hitch and they were easy to work with.
I highly recommend them.

Father Jonathon Gaspar Portrait
Father Brendan Rolling, O.S.B with two dogs.

Father Brendan Rolling, O.S.B

Focus Champlain

Canterbury Pilgrimages created a wonderful adventure for our group. Our accommodations, transportation, guides and drivers were excellent.  The meals were amazing and a great introduction to local culture.  Everything came together for us as we explored Poland and walked in the footsteps of St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Faustina, and St. John Paul II.  Our visits to the Shrine of Divine Mercy, the salt mines of Krakow and tombs of the Kings and Queens of Poland created many life-time memories.  Poland is a land of Knights and Dames, Kings and Queens, Saints and even the dragon of Krakow.

Our Canterbury Pilgrimage was an exciting experience of history and holiness. Thank you!

Father William Mcneeley

Pastor of our Lady of Fatima Parish in Alcoa,TN

Canterbury Pilgrimages created a wonderful adventure for our group.  Our accommodations, transportation, guides and drivers were excellent.  The meals were amazing and a great introduction to local culture.  Everything came together for us as we explored Poland and walked in the footsteps of St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Faustina, and St. John Paul II.  Our visits to the Shrine of Divine Mercy, the salt mines of Krakow and tombs of the Kings and Queens of Poland created many life-time memories.  Poland is a land of Knights and Dames, Kings and Queens, Saints and even the dragon of Krakow.
Our Canterbury Pilgrimage was an exciting experience of history and holiness. Thank you!

Father William Mcneeley Portrait.
Father Scott A. Euvrard Portrait.

Father Scott A. Euvrard

Pastor of our Holy Family Parish in Amesbury, MA & Star of the Sea Parish in Salisbury, MA 

Many thanks for all your assistance in making our recently completed pilgrimage possible. The pilgrims have given many positive comments. Our guides, Sue and Doug were excellent. At some point, I’d like to have an initial conversation about a pilgrimage in the future…

Father Philip Pacheco, O.F.M.

Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Derry, NH

The pilgrimage to visit the Holy Shroud that my group and I went on was truly an inspiring journey that took us from Turin to the hills of Assisi to the Eternal City, adorned with so much beauty. Canterbury Pilgrimages provided us with two wonderful tour guides that were extremely helpful and always were willing to accommodate any needs that arose.  The hotels that we stayed at were exquisite and the meals were definitely something to write home about.  The pilgrims from the group still speak highly of the experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Father Philip Pacheco, O.F.M. Portrait.
Father Gary Belliveau sitting in a church pew.

Father Gary Belliveau

Pastor of Corpus Christi Parish in Portsmouth, NH

After working with Canterbury Pilgrimages & Tours for pilgrimages to Italy and Poland on various occasions, I am looking forward to our recently organized pilgrimage to France in the coming year. The understanding of the faith foundation in pilgrimages, as well as flexibility in trip planning and attention to detail, has made it a pleasure for me to work with the Staff at Canterbury! 

Father Peter Fegan, O.P.

Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Zanesville, OH

It was great to be on pilgrimage last week with Canterbury. Very professional and very friendly. I know you didn’t need a chaplain on your trip since you already had Bishop Wall, but I’m really glad I could go, and I’m especially grateful that I was able to tag along gratis. You must have been really busy in the background, going ahead and making sure everything was ready for 150 of us. You and your crew are great, and I’m very grateful. 

Father Richard H. Dion

Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Manchester, NH

I hope this letter finds a home with the many testimonials, concerning the professional and caring staff that support your endeavors. I simply cannot express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible trip our people experienced when traveling to Turin and Rome this year. Rita was without doubt the most sincere and hospitable guide I have ever had the opportunity to share time and planning with. Again, I have traveled by the Grace of God, fairly often, with many groups and pilgrimages, but, Rita and her dear mother were by far the most informative and pleasant people I have experienced.
With the sentiments of my fellow travelers, we are planning a trip to Ireland this coming year and also a trip to Fatima for its anniversary the following.

Sarah & Andy Swafford Smiling Portrait.

Sarah & Andy Swafford

Founder of emotionalvirtue.com/author

Our Pilgrimage to Poland was such a gift of faith, beauty, history, culture, and virtue! We had such an amazing time walking in the footsteps of such spiritual giants! Going on a Canterbury Pilgrimage was a wonderful way to see the world through the lens of the Church! Praise God for their ministry to souls all over the world!

The Catholic Globe

The Official Newsletter of the Diocese of Sioux City, IA

I am a newspaper editor, not a tour organizer or tour guide. That’s why I was highly appreciative of the extra effort Canterbury Pilgrimages & Tours took on when organizing an affordable, seven-day pilgrimage to Mexico City to celebrate the ordination of a priest of the Diocese of Sioux City. To say the pilgrimage was a spiritual journey of a lifetime is almost an understatement. The pilgrims experienced some of the most inspirational sites in the world – majestic churches, stately cathedrals and glorious shrines, all of which enhanced our spirituality. We traveled worry-free, not having to be concerned with logistics, directions, or travel, as Canterbury had organized all of the details prior to departure. Our hotel was accommodating and the staff was always gracious in responding to our requests. In addition to locking in details for the ordination and Mass of Thanksgiving, our itinerary combined religious sites with the history and culture of Mexico, enlightening us about the places that are part of our Catholic heritage. I have high praise for our tour leader, Fernando Castañeda. His knowledge of Mexican history and culture was beyond my expectations. Yet, it was his clear witness to the Catholic faith – as a proud follower of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary – that made this pilgrimage truly spirit-filled and faith-filled. Partnering with Canterbury and its staff to work out the details of this pilgrimage was a positive experience. Everyone responded to my questions in a timely manner with professionalism and courtesy. Canterbury clearly exhibits a prayerful commitment, that is not merely business, in their attention to its pilgrimages.

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