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Introducing the Relevant Radio & Canterbury Pilgrimages


Annual Pilgrimages

Canterbury Pilgrimages would like to propose a partnership with Relevant Radio, whereby we offer between 1 and 4 pilgrimages per year to Relevant Radio’s listeners, to the Holy Land as well as other destinations such as Italy and the Vatican and Greece and Turkey if desired.

Passive Revenue

This could yield Relevant Revenue $1,000 per paid traveler.

Free Travel

Canterbury Pilgrimages will give Relevant Radio 1 free trip for every 20 paid pilgrims.

Gain Listeners

Those who travel with Relevant will be more likely to listen or listen more frequently to Relevant upon their return.

Relevant Radio's Responsibilities


Destination & Dates

Relevant Radio selects the destination(s) and dates of travel for the annual pilgrimages.


Host & Chaplain

Relevant Radio selects the pilgrimage host and spiritual director that will accompany the groups during the pilgrimage.



Relevant Radio promotes the pilgrimages to their audience via radio, web, and all other social mediums their audience is active on.

Any promotional material necessary can be custom-made and provided by Canterbury.

Elevating the Ambassador Program

Our goal is to organize pilgrimages in conjunction with Relevant Radio ambassadors at the parish-level, generating passive revenue for Relevant Radio, expanding the Relevant Radio audience and Ambassador Program to even more parishes across the country, and providing complimentary travel for each ambassador and their pastor.

Passive Revenue

A $5,000 payment to Relevant Radio for each ambassador pilgrimage with 20 or more attendees.

Free Travel

Earned by the ambassadors and their pastor with 20 or more attendees.

Gain Listeners

By delivering a memorable pilgrimage experience for all who attend.

$ 0 +
Annual Net Profit for Relevant Radio

Estimates are conservatively-based on 4 Relevant Radio-led pilgrimages, each generating $500,000, and 500 ambassador groups per year, each generating $5,000.

Why use Canterbury?

An overview of our services that make us the preferred Catholic pilgrimage provider.


Turn-Key Process

From curating custom itineraries, to handling all reservations and payments, our wide-range of in-house services takes care of all logistics.


All-Inclusive Package

All of our itineraries come fully-equipped with flights, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, full-service guiding, and much more.


Easy Payment Plan

Upon making reservation, full-payment is only due 75 days before the day of departure, and "late-fees" are never charged.

professional guide

Professional Guiding

Trusted and knowledgeable guides, native to the region, accompany the group to ensure quality service is provided from start to finish.



All of our custom-made itineraries are curated by Catholics, for Catholics, and conform with the USCCB pilgrimage guidelines.

24-7 2

24/7 Emergency Support

From departure to return, our telephone hotline is readily monitored 24-7, 365 in the unforseen case of any travel-related emergencies.


Bishop Wall 3

Most Reverend James S. Wall

I have been greatly privileged to serve as pilgrimage chaplain for numerous Canterbury pilgrimages. Each trip is Catholic through and through and creates the perfect environment in which to encounter the Living Christ. Every day is an opportunity to grow in our faith and understanding, to experience the reality of the Gospels. Throughout each Canterbury pilgrimage, one is spiritually lifted through daily Mass, rosary’s, prayers and reflections along the way. For this reason, Canterbury pilgrimages are not vacations, they are spiritual journeys that have the ability to impact us even after we’ve returned to our homes. In addition to the wonderful faith-oriented environment, Canterbury really excels in caring for its pilgrims. From the extremely helpful staff who are knowledgeable and timely, to the superb accommodations and hearty high-quality meals, Canterbury seamlessly brings you on the adventure of a lifetime. I highly recommend Canterbury Pilgrimages to anyone eager to grow in his or her Catholic faith.

Patrick and Nancy - Jerusalem City

Patrick Madrid

Canterbury will treat you like family! It’s been wonderful to travel hassle free each year and to know that my needs and the needs of my pilgrims are well attended to, whether I bring 20 people or 300! Each pilgrimage with Canterbury is a turnkey operation. They work with me to piece together an itinerary I am enthusiastic about, provide beautiful promotional materials and take care of all the calls, registrations and payments. They work with pilgrims on specific requests to ensure a truly personalized pilgrimage- Do you want to meet your sister in Chicago and fly out with her? No problem! Would you like to upgrade your flight? Of course! Do you need a room near the elevator across from your friend? Say no more! Each pilgrim is important, and they’ve got it under control. I’ve really enjoyed the smooth travel itineraries, luxurious hotels, and the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly guides and staff. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and it is fantastic to be able to sit back and relax while Canterbury takes care of every detail, small and large. They provide an environment in which pilgrims can focus on taking in the beauty and history of the places visited and, more importantly, they provide the opportunity for pilgrims to enrich their relationships with Christ in a once in a lifetime way.

Full Proposal

February 26, 2021

Dear Mr. Grosklaus,

We are writing to propose a partnership between our organizations which we believe would have the potential to yield Revelant Radio $4.5 million in revenue annually. 100% of the revenue generated by this proposed partnership for your organization would be profit, since its proposed terms involve you incurring no costs (other than the value of any air-space that you choose to allocate to these endeavors).

We are a company with 25 years of experience that partners with Catholic institutions (parishes, dioceses, radio stations, etc.) in order to take group pilgrimages to places of significance to our faith, such as the Holy Land, Italy and Vatican City, and Greece and Turkey. We work with Catholic figures and institutions of various kinds and sizes throughout the country, including Patrick Madrid, Bishop Wall, over 40 dioceses nationwide and counting, and countless other bishops, archbishops, and cardinals. We have moved as many as 2,000 travelers on a single trip. More information about our company can be found at our website,

As a basis for discussion, we would like to propose two possible routes that a partnership between our organizations could take.


Route #1: Annual Relevant Radio Pilgrimages(s)

This route involves our organizations working together in order to conduct one or more annual pilgrimages for Relevant Radio’s listeners.

A. Pilgrimage details

  1. Number of pilgrimages: 1-4. We could partner with each other to run just one pilgrimage per year. We believe, however, that running 4 would be ideal as doing so would mean greater revenue for Relevant Radio and more opportunity for Relevant’s listeners to experience life-changing, faith-enriching places.
  2. Destination(s): Canterbury Pilgrimages offers pilgrimages to the Holy Land, as well as places like Greece and Turkey (following in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul) and Italy and the Vatican. Our partnership could involve running (1) just one pilgrimage per year to the Holy Land, (2) running multiple pilgrimages per year to the Holy Land, or (3) running multiple pilgrimages per year to the Holy Land and to other destinations.
  3. Price: The price for which we could offer these pilgrimages(s) is negotiable and is dependent upon factors such as pilgrimage destination and dates. However, for the sake of example, we could offer a pilgrimage to Israel similar to the one we most recently worked on with Patrick Madrid in conjunction with Relevant Radio for roughly $3,000-$3,500 per person in double.
  4. Fundraising amount: Canterbury Pilgrimages will add an agreed upon fundraising amount to its price, which will be paid to Relevant Radio. Recommended: $1,000 per paid pilgrim, for a total pilgrimage cost to the pilgrim of approximately $4,000-$4,500 per person in double.
  5. Dates: As desired.
  6. Place of departure: Departure will be available from most major cities, subject to potential price fluctuation.
  7. Inclusions: Round-trip airfare, 4-star hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner daily, airport and hotel taxes, all gratuities, private air-conditioned motor coach transportation, a Canterbury Pilgrimages tour director, government licensed guiding, and all sightseeing and admission fees.

B. Canterbury Pilgrimages’ responsibilities

  1. Make all the pilgrimage arrangements, such as with the airlines and hotels and for motor-coaches, meals, entrance fees, speaking opportunities, and daily mass.
  2. Handle all reservations, phone calls and monies having to do with the pilgrimage.
  3. Create and provide the promotional materials for the pilgrimage in keeping with an agreed upon promotional plan. These materials would likely include, among other things, a website, brochures, and a promotional video.
  4. Run the pilgrimage from start to finish assuring a successful pilgrimage for all who attend.
  5. Pay Relevant Radio the agreed upon fundraising among. We believe that each Relevant Radio pilgrimage has the potential to draw 500 pilgrims. In this scenario, if the fundraising amount is $1,000 per pilgrim (as recommended), this would mean that Canterbury Pilgrimages would pay Relevant Radio $500,000. If 4 pilgrimages were run in a given year (using these same numbers) this would mean that Canterbury Pilgrimages would pay Relevant Radio $2 million during that year.

C. Relevant Radio’s responsibilities

  1. Select the pilgrimage destination and dates.
  2. Provide the pilgrimage host and spiritual director.
  3. Promote the pilgrimage. Relevant Radio would be free to promote the pilgrimage as they see fit. We would recommend that, among other means, Relevant Radio do so by means of on-air promotion to include on-air appearances from Canterbury Pilgrimages’ guides.

Please note that this is all that we propose Relevant Radio do in connection with the proposed pilgrimage(s). Canterbury Pilgrimages will bear the responsibility for all other aspects of the pilgrimage’s planning and execution.

D. Benefits to Relevant Radio

  1. An estimated $2 million in funds.
  2. An estimated 25 free trips per pilgrimage run. Canterbury Pilgrimages will give Relevant Radio 1 free trip for every 20 paid pilgrims. If 500 paid pilgrims attend the pilgrimage, this would yield 25 free trips for Relevant Radio, the first two of which would be used for the pilgrimage host and spiritual director. The remaining free trips could be used according to Relevant Radio’s discretion; they could be given to other on-air hosts or employees, or to donors, for example. Additionally, if Relevant Radio chooses it can opt to receive a cash payout (amount to be determined) in lieu of its free trip(s).
  3. The opportunity to create brand loyalty among Relevant Radio listeners. Those who travel with Relevant Radio will return more enthusiastic about listening and giving to Relevant Radio, and ready to share their experiences with Relevant Radio among their circle of influence.
  4. The opportunity to provide a spiritually enriching, and potentially life-changing, experience to Relevant Radio’s listeners. Those who travel are likely to return home more ready and equipped to serve our Lord.

Route #2: Annual Relevant Radio Pilgrimages(s) plus “Ambassador Pilgrimage Program”

This route involves our organizations working together in order to conduct 1 to 4 annual pilgrimages for Relevant Radio’s listeners as described above (I) and also working together in order to create an “Ambassador Pilgrimage Program.”

A. “Ambassador Pilgrimage Program” explanation

The goal of this proposed program is to organize pilgrimages in conjunction with the already existing network of Relevant Radio ambassadors at the parish-level, thereby generating more passive revenue for Relevant Radio, expanding the Relevant Radio audience, and providing complimentary travel for each ambassador and their pastor (which would incentivize more people to become Relevant ambassadors). This proposed program would involve three steps:

  1. Pastor approval: The ambassador will propose a desired itinerary and travel dates to their pastor, seeking permission to promote the pilgrimage.
  2. Promotion: The ambassador will promote the pilgrimage at parish, school and ministry events, as they already do with Relevant Radio promotion. Any necessary promotional material can be custom-made and provided by Canterbury Pilgrimages.
  3. Travel for free: When 20 or more parishioners register to travel, both the ambassador and their pastor will be rewarded with free travel.

The Relevant ambassador will have the opportunity to promote Relevant while on the pilgrimage, according to your wishes. However, since these would not be official Relevant trips, Relevant would have no legal, financial or reputational liability.

B. Benefits to Relevant Radio

  1. Passive revenue. Canterbury Pilgrimages proposes to pay relevant radio $5,000 for each ambassador pilgrimage with 20 or more paid pilgrims. We believe that the Ambassador Pilgrimage Program could lead to 500 pilgrimages of this kind per year, and that this is a conservative estimate. This would mean $2.5 million in passive revenue for Relevant Radio. The estimated revenue to be generated by this program, combined with the estimated revenue to be generated by Relevant Radio’s own pilgrimages ($2 million annually), totals $4.5 million annually for Relevant Radio. Once again, there would be no cost to Relevant Radio for any of this (except for the value of whatever air-time Relevant Radio chooses to allocate for the promotion of the endeavors described herein). Thus, this revenue would be essentially pure profit.
  2. Free Travel. The proposed program would allow many Relevant Radio ambassadors to experience the blessing of pilgrimage at no cost to themselves.
  3. Gain listeners. If Relevant chooses, it can use these pilgrimages as marketing opportunities in a variety of ways.


Many thanks for your consideration of our proposal. I strongly the believe that a partnership between our organizations along the lines described above will be mutually advantageous both fiscally and otherwise, and I am eager for the opportunity to work with you and to help serve your listeners. I would be grateful for an opportunity to meet with you regarding the possibilities described in this proposal.



Dag Syversen